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Northern Helicopter Modellers Fun Day June 30th Posted by CrustyOne (2013/6/24)
Northern Helicopter Modellers Fun Day June 30th if interested ...

  • [2012/12/2] Flying powered Models at Murwai/Maori Bay
    Guys Do not fly powered models at muriwai/maori bay , this will ruin it for everyone. !!!!!
  • [2012/11/22] Interesting article, opening up US skys to drones by 2015
    Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine Nov 2012 On platforms and tables in a Las Vegas conference room, little machines crawled and jumped, floated and sank, and zoomed across the air-conditioned airspace. The variety of robots and potential robot buyers at the annual gathering of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International last August indicates the changes that have taken place in the industry. Back in 1973, at AUVSI’s first meeting, there were only a handful of exhibitors and the only drone customer was the U.S. military, looking for small, agile, pilot-free aircraft it could risk sending across enemy lines.This year, AUVSI made space for 572 exhibitors, most with a cadre of drone models—some hover quietly over a target, others disassemble on command, at least one looks like a flying garbage disposal—and they’re starting to move off the battlefield. In preparation for potential Pentagon budget cutbacks, the unmanned aerial vehicle industry is eager to shift to civ...
  • [2012/10/20] Anyone lost a Quad?
    If anyone is missing a Quad in the Auckland area, flick me a PM with its details and I might be able to help ya out.
  • [2012/8/18] MFNZ developments-updated
    The MFNZ Council supports the formation of a Parkflyers club and welcomes the opportunity to work together for the benefit of all modellers. There are some issues of difference between the tightly controlled environment of a club flying field and a public park that need to be worked through. These include the different models that are suitable for flying in both locations and the variation in risk profile. The Council members would like to understand more about how the National body can support parkflying. The MFNZ Council is planning to make a submission to the Auckland Super City Council with the objective of getting flying sites and the needs of modellers a recognised. The Auckland area is home to 22% of the membership and has 47 registered flying sites. Inclusion of these sites in the District plan is a step along the road to long term protection of modellers needs. The MFNZ Council will be looking to extend this exercise wherever is it is needed.A strategy is being devised to ...
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