Learn All You Should Know About Flying Model Planes

Who said your hobby has to be conventional? You can be different by venturing into building and flying model airplanes. If you have never tried it, it sounds like a complex thing to do, but once you start, you will realise how easy and interesting it gets. Plus it comes with very many advantages that will make you regret why you did not start earlier. If you are wondering how to go about it, welcome to parkflyers.org.nz, the site that gives you a glimpse of what it means to build and fly model airplanes as a hobby, the clubs you should belong to, and the parks where you can be allowed to fly the model airplanes.

Building and Flying a Model Aeroplane

We take you through the steps of building and flying a model plane by first introducing you to what it takes, the skills you will need to have, and some of the things you should consider before you start flying or building a model plane. We share with you some of the considerations you should have in mind when building model planes and the mistakes you should avoid. There are also some basic things like knowing the right weather for you to fly the model planes.

Joining Clubs and Associations

One of the things you should consider doing if you want to learn how to fly model planes is to join clubs and associations with members who share the same hobby. We give you some of the popular aero clubs in Auckland, and what makes them stand out. You will also find a list of some of the benefits of joining these clubs, and the things that you should consider before you sign up as a member. We give you well researched and updated information, so feel free to reach out to us with comments and questions.