Things to Consider Before Flying a Model Aircraft

So, you just joined your first model aircraft club or managed to build your first model, and it is time to fly it. You probably are nervous and are looking for ideas on how you can make that first flight successful. If this describes you, then do not worry. In this post, we will look at some things that you need to consider before flying your first model aircraft. Read on.

1. Assembly

The model aircraft assembly is the first thing that you need to consider before you start flying your aeroplane carefully. If you are using a simulation toolkit, ensure that you follow all the guidelines in the instruction book. Additionally, perform an extra check to ensure that all the fastening is according to instructions given.

2. Motor Operation

The motor operation of your model aircraft will influence how far you can fly the model. Additionally, the motor operation will determine if your first attempt at flying a model aircraft will be successful or will end in a crash. It is therefore important to give special attention to the motor operation before you start flying your model aircraft. Additionally, get someone to help you perform this motor operation check. A more skilled person is always advisable as his or her experience is invaluable in such an instance.

3. Weight And Balance

The weight and balance of the model aircraft will also play a huge role in determining whether the aircraft remains in the air or comes crashing down. Read all that you can about a model aircraft’s weight before you even start flying it. Follow this up by giving special consideration to the aircraft’s balance. Like all other things, a model aircraft also has a centre of gravity. You need to know where this is and focus your flying on trying to keep it balanced.