Top Model Aero Clubs In Auckland

This may be an old hobby of yours or a totally new one that you wish to try out. Whichever the case, you can best enjoy flying model aircraft in a club. If you are here in Auckland, you have probably tried looking for one. There are plenty of them and choosing one can be difficult. In this post, we review some of the top clubs to join in Auckland.

1. North Shore Model Aero Club

Located in Dairy Flat, the North Shore Model Aero Club is one of the most popular model aircraft clubs in Auckland and New Zealand as a whole. The school allows in members of all ages and here, the main focus is on learning and networking. The club brings both skilled and amateur model aircraft enthusiasts together. This decision allows for the exchange of ideas and even mentoring. The end result is proficient model aircraft pilots.

2. Highbrook Aero Modellers

If your focus is on becoming proficient in the assembly and building of model aircraft, then you need to join a club that lets you become the best builder. The Highbrook Aero Modellers is one such club. Here, whether you are looking to learn to build model aircraft from scratch or already assembled items, you will get all the skills that you need. The club receives a lot of praise from Aucklanders on its open policy that allows members of different skill levels to interact freely.

3. Auckland Aero Club Inc

An offshoot of its professional flight school, this model aircraft club is an excellent place to be if you want to spend some time flying model aircraft. The site also features an interactive learning club that teaches you how to make model aircraft from observing real ones. The club also is a good stepping-stone for members who would like to be pilots later in life.