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RC Plane found

I have had an email from someone who has found an RC plane out West. If anyone has lost a plane please let me know and I will put you in contact with them. Email I received from them. It looks like it had nose dived at speed into the mud and the tide has […]

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What do you want to see from this site

While we are busy redesigning things and moving them around what would you like to see from this site. Feel free to e-mail any suggestions to or use the little chat window to leave us a message or if I am online have a chat with me.

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Please make use of our new chat servers

We have just launched out new chat servers. For more information on how to access them please visit the Live chat page on the website. Video chats picture uploads etc are all possible. Please note the servers are still in shakedown mode so if there are any problems please let us know. We look forward […]

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New user logins disabled for the old site

As we start getting the new site ready, I have disabled the old sites new user registration ability. Current users will still be able to post and reply however this is the first step in archiving the old website.  Sadly most of the new registrations have been bots recently so hopefully it will not impact […]

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