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#1 Frsky problems
Fallenae Posted on: 2012/7/22 20:01
I have a turnigy 9x with V8HT installed. The V8FR and V8R4 I bought with the kit worked well at first but the V8FR began to fail intermittently and now doesn't work at all. I replaced it with a V8R7-II which I have been unable to bind. The V8R4 still works fine however I am unable to bind the 7ch and 8ch rx. When binding; the red and green LED on the rx remain constant and the red LED fails to flash. Could you give me some idea as to what the problem could be, I do not want to throw more money at another rx if I will have the same problem.

#2 Re: Frsky problems
Fallenae Posted on: 2012/7/22 23:01
Ok getting pissed off now. After mucking round with it I have found that my 4ch rx doesn't work either. My gear has been in storage for a whilst I moved house, before I put it away I had to replace the antenna because it snapped off. The thing is while the antenna was snapped I turned the tx on a few times and now I know this could break it?

The rxs which have previously been bound seem to connect for milliseconds every now and then making the servos twitch. What do u guys rekon? Broken module? broken tx? Or radio interference even?

#3 Re: Frsky problems
Posted on: 2012/7/22 23:10
is it a plug in the back module, if it is give it a wriggle as they are well known for not connecting well with the pins on a turnigy 9x.
if its a diy hack module then maybe damage may of been done to module after turning the tx on , most tx's dont like to be turned on with out a antenna connected. even with plug in module without antenna it may of damaged the unit.

#4 Re: Frsky problems
grantf Posted on: 2012/7/23 19:06
I had the same problem with a plug- in fr sky module on a Hitec Optic 6 TX. The problem was that the module was not properly engaged with the pins as Spitfirekid says. Extra firm pressure finally snapped it fully into place and voila ! no more problems.
Another issue was that we damaged the co-ax when reversing the aerial direction. Check all your connections if a hack module or make sure it is firmly engaged and no looseness if a plug in type. (try gaffer tape) . Check the co-ax cable to the aerial is not damaged. Contact the local agent Rob on this site if all else fails.

#5 Re: Frsky problems
grantf Posted on: 2012/7/23 19:08
ensure the pins are all clean and not damaged.

#6 Re: Frsky problems
kneedrag Posted on: 2012/7/23 19:36
From your description it sounds like you have a hack module installed.

Two very important things to check are your solder joints. If the PPM wire is not connected correctly you will have endless issues. It needs to be a clean connection not a dry joint.

Second thing to check is the back of the antenna cable from the module did the bit by the heatshrink get bent in the install. If it gets bent to far it can break giving an intermittent connection to the antenna which will cause the rx's to do funny things as well.

Let me know how that goes if there are still issues we can look at the next thing.

#7 Re: Frsky problems
Fallenae Posted on: 2012/7/24 22:57
Sorry for late reply thanks for all advice, kneedrag you are right it was a DIY module which is now in my bag of broken bits. PPM joint was good but tried resoldering anyway with no luck. The reason I told myself it broke was that I melted the aerial with hot glue but I guess I'll never know for sure. I have bit the bullet and ordered a two way plug in module. Hope this works.

#8 Re: Frsky problems
dale Posted on: 2012/7/25 6:47
When you go with the plug in module, make sure you have good contact with the pins and don't remove it once in! I learnt the hard lesson what happens when you remove and replace the module several times

#9 Re: Frsky problems
Fallenae Posted on: 2012/7/25 7:04
Should I chuck some hot glue in there before I try and put it in? Or give it a go first?

#10 Re: Frsky problems
dale Posted on: 2012/7/25 9:13
I would see if it is possible to solder the module to the pins while it is position, i.e. remove the cover to the frsky module, insert it, solder where the pins from your radio contact the frsky module (holes) and then replace cover. I have not tried this, and don't know if it is possible.
You'll void the warranty on the frsky module, but if it was mine, i'd do it in a heartbeat.

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