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General news. : New website for UAV operators
Posted by Advent on 2015/4/10 23:04:26 (588 reads)

Check out the website It has all the latest on the UAV front. It also has control airspace maps and other useful info to help keep us legal.

General news. : Lloyd Elsemore park
Posted by Anonymous on 2015/1/11 14:00:00 (2539 reads)

So it seems that from the end of January 2015 model flying at this park will be banned, any one else heard this news??

Events : Northern Helicopter Modellers Fun Day June 30th
Posted by CrustyOne on 2013/6/24 13:13:18 (4158 reads)

Northern Helicopter Modellers Fun Day June 30th if interested ...

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General news. : Flying powered Models at Murwai/Maori Bay
Posted by Microjetmadness on 2012/12/2 19:43:25 (11725 reads)

Guys Do not fly powered models at muriwai/maori bay , this will ruin it for everyone. !!!!!

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General news. : Interesting article, opening up US skys to drones by 2015
Posted by rsquared on 2012/11/22 11:10:00 (6385 reads)

Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine Nov 2012

On platforms and tables in a Las Vegas conference room, little machines crawled and jumped, floated and sank, and zoomed across the air-conditioned airspace. The variety of robots and potential robot buyers at the annual gathering of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International last August indicates the changes that have taken place in the industry. Back in 1973, at AUVSI’s first meeting, there were only a handful of exhibitors and the only drone customer was the U.S. military, looking for small, agile, pilot-free aircraft it could risk sending across enemy lines.

This year, AUVSI made space for 572 exhibitors, most with a cadre of drone models—some hover quietly over a target, others disassemble on command, at least one looks like a flying garbage disposal—and they’re starting to move off the battlefield. In preparation for potential Pentagon budget cutbacks, the unmanned aerial vehicle industry is eager to shift to civilian markets, and, after years of silence on the subject, Congress last February ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to open the skies to drones by September 2015. Although there are many hurdles to cross between now and then, I came away from the AUVSI conference with this much: Pilots, you’ve got steely-eyed competition.

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